Advanced Conservation Technology  

Advanced Conservation Technology

Advanced Conservation Technology is a business enterprise dedicated to reducing the need for non-renewable energy in the maintenance of buildings and homes.

Beginning with our premier product known as the the Insulated Concrete Masonry Unit (ICMU), we have successfully contributed to the significant savings our customers have realized. And they continue to benefit from these savings year after year.

Our ongoing partnerships with universities and institutes of higher learning are leading us toward ever more efficient and effective products to deliver to the building market.

In addition, ACT continues to seek out and form relationships with companies offering other means of energy conservation using solar, wind, water and geothermal power. It is through these relationships that we are able to give you everything you need to build the ultimate in energy-efficient structures: the ULTOMEGA® Structure.

We invite you to read more about energy conservation and join the movement toward self-sustainable buildings and homes. Then, when you're ready to say goodbye to those high utility bills, contact us!

Discover ULTOMEGA® Structures

Advanced Conservation Technology (ACT LLC), has formed technological partnerships to design the first-ever fully integrated system of ecologically self-sustainable buildings commercially marketed as ULTOMEGA Structures.

These structures, customized to meet buyer/user requirements of energy efficiency, will transform the construction industry. The ULTOMEGA structure establishes superior, clean energy standards and certified building practices not yet applied in this trade.

The design of these facilities will consume less than 1/3 of the energy and cost approximately 2/3 that of a conventionally built structure.

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